MRX MMA and Grappling Gloves Review

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I have used a few items from MRX and I am pretty impressed with what they offer. They have a large selection of training gear for fitness and MMA and all of it is pretty well priced. They offer many different styles of MMA gloves, including sparring, bag, and grappling gloves. If you are looking for some decent low cost training gear, MRX has some great options for you. I recently wrote about some shorts they make in my MRX MMA shorts review. I am going to try to review a few more items from them before the end of the year. In this review I cover the more basic style of MMA grappling gloves. MRX is based out of New York and sells handmade gear from Asia.

MRX MMA Gloves Review

mrx mma gloves reviewI really like the design on the gloves, MRX has a lot of gear with really cool designs on them. Looking over their gear selection shows many different style options they offer.  These gloves have a cool blood splatter with barbed wire design, and I have seen many other cool options from them. The gloves come in 4 different sizes and I received a pair of Large gloves for the review. The gloves provide padding over the knuckles only. The is no padding on the back of the hand or over the thumb. These gloves have an open palm and no thumb coverage which is preferred for grappling. These gloves are not meant for doing rounds on the heavy bag, but more so for training grappling with strikes. I would recommend gloves with more padding for bag work or sparring. Since these are closer to what you would use in competition, you don’t want train using only these.





If you train a lot of grappling and want to work on strikes at the same time, these are an excellent options. Most grappling gloves are designed to be smaller to help with your grip and transitioning. These MRX MMA gloves have a wrist strap that loops all the way around your wrist providing excellent support. I recommend you wrap your hands if you do want to work on the heavy bag or mitts with these gloves. Also if you are going on the heavy bag, you don’t need to go full power. However the wrist strap will provide additional support and help keep you protected while training.

If you train Mixed Martial Arts there are many different pieces of gear you may use for training. I really like using smaller MMA gloves or grappling gloves for a lot of different drills and training exercises. Using the small gloves when hitting focus mitts can help you improve your accuracy by a lot. Its easy to hit a Thai pad with a 16oz glove, but its a bit harder to hit a focus mitt with a 4oz glove. I also like using the small gloves when I am practicing wrestling and grappling. A lot of my training partners will always throw strikes when we are grappling, even if the strikes are very light. To avoid going into grapple only mode when training MMA, it can help to throw like ground and pound to the body. A lot of times in MMA, strikes will open up positions or submissions so you shouldn’t leave them out of your training. You can find all products for sale at


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