Meister MMA Hand Wraps Review

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If you are looking for some quality hand wraps for striking training you can be overwhelmed with options and can even be tricked into buying something much more expensive because it claims to be better. I like to do a lot of research before purchasing my gear so I make sure I get quality gear at the best price. It is very hard not to impulse shop for certain things even things that don’t cost much. But something I have learned is there is always something better at a cheaper price if you look. I am becoming more and more impressed with my Meister MMA gear every day. Recently they sent me a few items to test out and their mma wrist wraps are on the agenda today. You can read my other Meister reviews at the links: Meister Shin Guards, Meister Leg Sleeves. They make a lot of excellent training gear at great prices so take a look at what they have to offer. I was very impressed with their other products I decided to make a Meister MMA hand wraps review for my readers.

Meister hand wrapsMeister MMA Hand Wraps Review

Not all hand wraps are made the same and you should look into what you are buying. First off, handwraps typically come in two sizes: 108″ and 180″ and are typically made from cotton. The Meister MMA handwraps are 180″ which is what I prefer for heavy striking training. Many MMA fighters use 180″ wrist wraps when doing bag or pad work because they provide the most support to your wrists. They are also commonly used in Muay Thai training because they wrap around the hands and wrists a few more times for extra stability.

I really like the Meister MMA hand wraps because they fit very well. They have a slight elastic stretch to them and the wrist wraps have a loop for your thumb which I prefer to use. I am also a big fan of the velcro strap, it is nice and big and really helps hold the handwraps on. I have used so many different hand wraps that have a weak velcro strap that wears and breaks after light use. These Meister wraps have held up through some pretty intense training sessions and feel as though they are built to last.


  • Thick Velcro Strap
  • Many Colors & Designs
  • Great Price


I really like these hand wraps by Meister MMA. I probably usually them most of the time now unless they are too sweaty. If you are serious about your MMA training and you want to find excellent gear for excellent prices you should check Meister out. They offer a variety of different training gear for different types of training and everything is well priced. I have personally used several of their products and I have been happy with all they have to offer. I hope they keep making more excellent products.



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