Buying Cheap Muay Thai Shin Guards for Kickboxing

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One common problem for many people who train MMA, Kickboxing, or Thai Boxing is affording the gear you need to train. Boxing Gloves, Head Gear, Shin Pads, etc. the costs add up, and most people have to work hard so they can afford training. It is important that you shop around and try to find the best deals on your sparring gear because the costs can be in the hundreds. Shin guards are really important for kickboxing training, especially if you are new to the sport. The shin pads will help you begin conditioning your shins and will help to keep your partners uninjured in training. There are different types and styles of shin guards in all different price ranges so it is important to shop around so you can find a pair that is just right.

How Much Should I Spend?

Cheap martial arts shin guardsWhile you can get away with spending very little, it is important to consider your level of training, how long you will need these to last, and the quality differences. It is important to consider your price range and try to explore your options. If you aren’t sure you will be able to stick with your training, a cheaper route may be best. Also if you aren’t going to be doing anything but light contact in your sparring, cheaper gear may be more suitable.
Many people can make the mistake of spending more than they needed to just because they were excited about buying gear. You don’t want to get buyers remorse when you could be enjoying your product. Here are Cloth Instep Shin Guard Under $15


cheap mma shin guards

If you are looking for something that is a little more heavy duty, these MMA or Muay Thai Shin Guards have a nice thick padding and will stay on your leg tightly with two Velcro straps. These Contender MMA Pro-Style Shin Guards get great reviews in the combat sport community, and will work well for any beginner or advanced fighter. These have been tested by our evolvedMMA team have been personally selected for this list. The shin guards offer two hook and loop straps which are preferred by most fighters who have trouble with their pads moving around during sparring and training. These pads will hold up if you are kickboxing and even if you take it to the ground, you should have little problems with slipping and movement. A great set Contender MMA Shin Guards Under $30

cheap ufc shin guardsCheap kickboxing shin guardsHere are a couple of other options for different preferences. The UFC shin guards are made by Century Martial Arts and are similar to their products. These shin guards offer two overlapping sets of Velcro straps which don’t hold as well as a hook and loop, but most people don’t have a problem with it. The Title Boxing Pro-Style Shin Guards are great for all levels and offer two hook and loop straps so you shouldn’t run into any problems with slippage. These are both great options if you are looking for a cheaper pair of shin guards, UFC Shin Guards or Title Boxing Sing Guards Under $40


RDX Leather Muay Thai Shin Guard

RDX Leather Pro Shin GuardThese RDX shin guards are really comfortable with multi layer gel padding. These are very sturdy yet not too big on your leg. They come in Small- XL sizes with a double velcro strap system. These are great for striking and will last you through thousands of sparring rounds.  Very comfortable fit and stays snug on the leg.

  • Small – X Large sizes
  • Double velcro, Gel padding
  • Sturdy, Great for training



Twins Special SGL3 Shin Guards

Twins Muay Thai shin guardIf you are doing some really heavy Muay Thai training, especially with a lot of kicks these very durable Twins SGL3 shin guards are just the thing to hold up. These Muay Thai shin guards come in a few different colors as well as sizes. They are also great for MMA training or any other striking art where you need shin guards.

  • Multuple colors and Sizes
  • Cowskin Leather, Double Velcro
  • Slim, great for competition




Features and Styles

There are many different styles of Muay Thai or kickboxing shin guards. It is important to get a pair that will suit all of your training needs. Certain shin guards will cover your entire foot, half, or it wont cover your foot at all. Some slip on the instep, others will have Velcro or buckles to hold the pad on your shin. Some are thinner than others, and some will even offer an extra inch or so of padding.  I recommend you buy a pair online if you are trying to save money, so it is important to read the product description and customer reviews to get  a good idea of what you are buying.

Depending on what you are using your shin guards for, you may need to consider the differences in styles. Some instep shin guards will slip on your leg and be held in place only by fabric and elastic. For grappling and hard contact sparring this can be a pain as the pads will shift and slip around. You can use athletic tape to help hold them in place, but you will have to do that every time. The Velcro shin guards will hold their place a lot better than the instep pads, however newer pads are stiffer and hard to get both Velcro Straps tight. If you get a pair with a buckle, you will be able to get them on fairly tight and they should rarely move. Now if you are looking for a pair of cheap MMA shin guards, you should look at grappling shin guards and Thai Boxing shin guards, those will hold in place better for when your training goes to the ground during MMA training.

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