Best Battle Ropes for MMA Workouts

If you’re looking for the best battle ropes to add to your workout routine, you will come across several options. You will need to determine how much rope you need, the cost depends on the length. A battle rope can provide a unique workout that can help you work on...Read More »

Best Fight Ball for Reflex and Reaction Training

If you’re looking to find the best fight ball at the best price you may want to check this list out. A fight ball can help you work on your reflexes, reaction, and speed. They work by attaching a band to your head that has a ball on an elastic...Read More »

Best Sauna Suit for Making a Weight Cut

Cutting weight can be a very important part of your training camp. Finding the best sauna suit can make your weight cut easier and help you shed the pounds. There are different types of sauna suits that can be used to encourage sweat and help you lose water weight.

Best Sauna...Read More »

Best Pull Up Bar for MMA and BJJ Training

Pull ups can be one of the best exercises all around. Finding the best pull up bar for your training can help you gain an excellent tool that works for many exercises. In addition to grip strength, a pull up bar will help you work on your arms and back....Read More »

Best BJJ Knee Pads for Training and Competition

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can become difficult when you’re knees aren’t 100%. Finding the best BJJ knee pads can help you keep your knees stable and improve your ability to roll. While it can help your overall roll, knee pads will make shooting for a takedown easier. Some grappling surfaces can...Read More »

Best Speed Bag for Boxing Training

If you are trying to find the best speed bag for your training, you may have a hard time deciding on one. There are different brands, styles, and sizes of speed bag you may want to consider. A speed bag can help you work on timing, coordination, and speed as...Read More »

Best BJJ Rash Guard for Grappling Training

Wearing a rash guard can provide many benefits for your training. Finding the best BJJ rash guard can take some time because there are so many options. If you train regularly throughout the year you may want to own a few different options for rashguards. There are different types of...Read More »

Best Shin Guards for MMA and Muay Thai 2017

If you do any kind of regular training or sparring you want to make sure you have the right protective gear. Finding the best shin guardsĀ  for MMA and Muay Thai training will help to keep you and your training partners safe. Injuries can slow you down and keep you...Read More »

Best BJJ Cup for Training and Competition

If you are training any type of sport as a male, a protective cup is usually one of the most important pieces of equipment. Finding the best BJJ cup can be a challenge as there are so many options. Some people use a few different cups for different occasions. There...Read More »

Best BJJ Mouthguard for Training and Competition

If you want to find the best BJJ mouthguard you may have a hard time picking a winner. In addition to there being several great brands, there are also many great styles of mouthguards. If you’re looking for the best mouth guard for BJJ you may want to consider a...Read More »

SISU Mouth Guard NextGen Review | Aero and Max

I have been using mouthguards by SISU Mouth Guards for a few years now and I can say they are really great. I was first drawn to them because of their thin design that allows for easy talking, drinking, and breaking while wearing the SISU mouth guard. Their NextGen mouth...Read More »

Best BJJ Belt | Top 5 Best BJJ Belt Brands for Sale

There are many different brands and types of martial arts belts out there, but not all of them are the same. The best BJJ belt should be made from quality materials, solid, and come at a great price. Other martial arts belts may look similar to BJJ belts, but not...Read More »

Best BJJ Rash Guard | Top 5 Best Jiu Jitsu Rash Guards

I like to keep a few rash guards on hand because they come in handy whenever you’re rolling. Whether you train Gi or No Gi, you can probably benefit from a rash guard. The best BJJ rash guard can help you get a better grip and prevent mat burn. Even...Read More »

Top 5 Best Boxing Hand Wraps for Striking Training

Hand wraps are some of the more important training tools for beginners as well as anyone who trains regularly. Boxing hand wraps can help you secure your wrist and stabilize your fist for striking. The best boxing hand wraps can help keep your wrists protected through each striking session. I...Read More »

Best Boxing Headgear | Top 5 Best Boxing Headgear for Sparring

Boxing sparring is important if you want to improve your overall boxing skills. It can help you to prepare for competition and get an idea of what your fight may be like in a more controlled environment. At some levels of competition you are required to wear headgear in boxing,...Read More »

Best Karate Gi | Top 5 Best Karate Uniforms

Many traditional martial arts use a GiĀ  and many of them use the same style karate Gi. Finding yourself the best karate Gi can really improve your training. You want to find something that fits well and allows for maximum movement. In addition to something that can be flexible you...Read More »

Top 5 Best Jump Rope for Boxing and MMA Training

One of the best all around cardio and coordination exercises is good old fashion jump rope. Finding the best jump rope for boxing or MMA training will help you stay in shape. I have used many different types of jump ropes but they all work basically the same. Some are...Read More »

Best Kickboxing Gloves | Top 5 Best Gloves for Kickboxing

Kickboxing is an excellent workout as well as martial art. Whether you are training for a fight or need something for your fitness class, finding the best kickboxing gloves can be somewhat difficult. There are many different brands and styles for kickboxing gloves. You can also get kickboxing gloves in...Read More »

Best Boxing Shoes | Top 5 Best Shoes for Boxing

Whether you are looking to improve your boxing workout or you need to find something for an upcoming competition; finding the best boxing shoes can be a difficult task. There are many different brands and styles for boxing shoes so you may have a few things to consider before you...Read More »

Top 5 Best Muay Thai Gloves for Striking 2016

Muay Thai is a brutal striking art that many MMA fighters practice. Muay Thai is similar to kickboxing but has its own rule set allowing clinching, elbows, and knees. If you want to learn how to develop deadly striking power and general toughness, you’ll practice Muay Thai. When training Muay...Read More »

Meister ProWrap Review - Padded Hand Wrap Gloves

I have been using gear from Meister MMA for a few years now and I am always impressed with their products. They offer a large variety of training equipment for fitness and martial arts. You can get just about any piece of training gear you need from Meister, and they...Read More »

Damage Control Mouthguard Review for MMA

I was first introduced to Damage Control Mouthguards by my friend Mika over at so I decided to do a Damage Control Mouthguard Review. The company is based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and they have made mouth guards for some big name UFC fighters out of that...Read More »

Best MMA Diet | Best Diet Plan for MMA Fighters

Getting the most out of your training is impossible if you are not eating the right foods. The best MMA diet plan will help you recover from your workouts and increase your performance. There are many different schools of thought when it comes to nutrition in MMA. One thing I...Read More »

Top 5 Best MMA Shorts for MMA Training

MMA Shorts are becoming more and more popular for all types of training. The best mma shorts are very comfortable and durable, and used by all types of athletes. Because you can find MMA Shorts in several different styles and cuts, they are great for any workout. MMA Shorts are...Read More »

Clinch Gear Shorts Review

Clinch Gear Shorts Review

Quality sporting apparel can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing in the ever rising sport that is mixed martial arts (MMA)

MMA includes some of the fittest, toughest and most demanding athletes in all of sports.

A typical MMA or wrestling fight requires agility, endurance, speed, stamina...Read More »

Top 5 Best Cup for MMA BJJ Kickboxing

One of the most common pieces of gear in any sport is the protective cup. Finding the best MMA cup for all around training can be tough. In Martial Arts there are many situations which you will benefit from wearing a cup. It is recommended to use you use a...Read More »

WearBands Review for MMA Training

Recently I came across WearBands, they make resistance bands that you wear while you train. I am always looking for unique training tools that can enhance my training. I have used resistance bands before so I was excited to see this evolved product. A lot of resistance band workouts require...Read More »

Sub Sports Compression Gear for MMA Review

I am an advocate of finding great training gear for great prices. Not everyone can afford to buy the full line of gear from top name brands. If you spend time trying to spend a little less, you may just end up with more. The average prices I see on...Read More »

MRX MMA and Grappling Gloves Review

I have used a few items from MRX and I am pretty impressed with what they offer. They have a large selection of training gear for fitness and MMA and all of it is pretty well priced. They offer many different styles of MMA gloves, including sparring, bag, and grappling...Read More »

MRX Hydra-MX86 MMA Shorts Review

I was recently contacted by MRX to review some MMA products. MRX makes a variety of fitness gear suitable for MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, and more. The company is based out of New York and offers handmade gear from Asia to assist with all types of training. One of the...Read More »

NuttyBuddy Cup Review for MMA Training

There are a lot of different instances in which you should wear a protective cup. Most athletes can benefit from a protective cup if injuring the groin is a possibility. There are also a number of professions in which you might want to wear a cup. A lot of police...Read More »

Best Wrestling Shoes | Top 5 Shoes for Wrestling

Wrestling in itself is one tough sport which can really wear you down. Most BJJ classes start on the knees or sitting down, but if you go to a true wrestling class you start on the feet a lot. The grinding aspect of wrestling is one the reasons its so...Read More »

Top 5 Best Muay Thai Shin Guards for Striking Training

If you are practicing your striking for MMA, odds are you train Muay Thai or some form of kickboxing. While there are many forms and styles of kickboxing, Muay Thai is the most prominent in the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts world. Muay Thai is known to some as the...Read More »

Submission FC Mania Gi Review

I am becoming a big fan of Submission FC gear. They have sent me a few things to try out this year and I have been really impressed with their gear. They strive to make really comfortable Jiu Jitsu gear, and they really do succeed. The company is based out...Read More »

Fightlab Sweat Suit Review

I am really a fan of Fightlab gear. They make some quality Muay Thai and MMA training gear, and I have gotten to test out a few of their products. Recently I reviewed their Muay Thai Gloves which I have been using a lot more lately. I use...Read More »

Vandal Kimono Review: Groundwork Project

I recently came across Vandal Kimonos and I was really impressed with their gear. They are based out of Hawaii and make a lot of really cool BJJ gear. I reached out to them to review some products and they told me about a great product for a great cause....Read More »

Fightlab Muay Thai Gloves Review

I have been following Fightlab for a little while and I have been impressed with their gear. They sponsor some big names like Chad Reiner and Paul Daley. They make a variety of training gear for Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA and they are based out of Thailand. They...Read More »

Meister MMA Hand Wraps Review

If you are looking for some quality hand wraps for striking training you can be overwhelmed with options and can even be tricked into buying something much more expensive because it claims to be better. I like to do a lot of research before purchasing my gear so I make...Read More »

Top 5 Best Boxing Mouth Guard for MMA Training

If you anticipate yourself getting punched in the face repeatedly any time soon, it is probably a good idea to consider getting the best boxing mouth guard. It might even be a better idea to consider getting the right mouth guard for the occasion. You may want the best boxing...Read More »

Panther Fightwear Power Dry Shirt Review

I recently came across a company that I thought was very cool. Panther Fightwear has been making MMA training clothes since 2013. They offer some really cool designs and some really great products. Panther Fightwear makes training gear for MMA, BJJ, general fitness and they even sponsor some pro fighters....Read More »

Meister MMA Compression Leg Sleeve Review

I am personally a huge fan of the many products that Meister MMA makes. They offer a variety of training products for a variety of training. You can find solid gear weight lifting, grappling, striking, and other aspects of your MMA training at a great price. I always encourage people...Read More »

Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Review

Are you one of those guys that needs 1-2 Monster or Nos energy drinks to get through the day and your training. I have seen some people drink a disgusting amount of “energy drinks” thinking it is making them some kind of superhuman. Most of those drinks have enough sugar...Read More »

Rosky MMA Mitts Review by Rosky Combat Sports

If you have been training any combat sport at all you will understand there are different pads for different situations. I recently came across a company that makes focus mitts specially for MMA training. These mitts have a very interesting design and have proven to be very effective for MMA...Read More »

Submission FC Bamboo Frenzy Gi Review

Submission FC is a company that makes some very innovative training gear for MMA and BJJ. They are located out of California and recently sent us one of their Submission FC Rash Guards to review. We were really impressed with their products and...Read More »

Best Boxing Gloves | Top 5 Best Boxing Gloves

Do you train a striking martial art or sport? Do you need some new gloves for your training? Boxing gloves come in a variety of sizes and the most common for adults is a 16oz glove. Typically a 16oz glove can be used for competition, bag work, bit work, and...Read More »

Best MMA Focus Mitts | Top 5 Best Focus Mitts for MMA

There are plenty of great training tools out there that can be used to improve your striking. Heavy bags are great for building strength and increasing the amount of resistance you can endure while striking. Sparring is a great way to put all of your technique to use in a...Read More »

Best MMA Knee Pads for MMA Training

One of the more obscure piece of training gear for MMA is the knee pad. Sometimes you will see a fighter wearing a brace to help them get over an injury. However sometimes the best MMA knee pads can be used proactively instead of reacting to an injury....Read More »

Best BJJ Gi | Top 6 Best Best BJJ Gi for MMA Training

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has become one of the key elements to Mixed Martial Arts training. There are many practitioners of Gi and NoGi BJJ. While many believe NoGi BJJ is more practical for MMA training, there are many people that still stand by the Gi. The Gi or Kimono is...Read More »

Want us to review your gear?

If you are a manufacturer or retailer of MMA training gear and you want to gain more exposure for your products — we can help. Evolved MMA has review many different pieces of training gear for MMA, Wrestling, BJJ, Boxing, and other Combat Sports. We have a large following of...Read More »

Submission Fight Co Rash Guard Review

I recently received an IBJJF Ranked Rash Guard from Submission Fight Co. First off, one of the main things I like about this product is the fact it is made using recycled polyester. If you can be environmentally conscious while choking people unconscious, you classify as “good people” in my...Read More »

The Top 5 Best MMA Gloves | MMA Fight Gloves

There are a variety of different gloves for MMA training. If you are looking to get the best MMA gloves you might end up with a few pairs. I have found there are a few different styles of gloves that can accommodate different types of training. There are smaller, lighter...Read More »

The Best Affliction Leather Jacket

If you are familiar with how the world works, you understand that leather jackets are “cool.” Owning one makes you cooler and increases the chance of a hot girl on your arm. Whether you ride a motorcycle or not, leather jackets are warm, stylish, and last a really long time....Read More »

Elevation Training Mask 2.0 Review

If you are looking for a new way to add an edge to your training, check out this Elevation Training Mask. This mask great way to simulate training at higher elevations with adjustable settings for different levels. While it doesn’t change the oxygen levels in the air, it provides resistance...Read More »

The Top 5 Best MMA Ankle Support Wraps

MMA Ankle Support

Mixed Martial Arts can be a damaging sport if you’re not careful. Everybody gets injured in some way or another, however you can always take precautions to avoid some injuries. A common area that gets injured for beginners are the wrists and ankles. Your wrists and ankles need...Read More »

Top Five MMA Heavy Bags under $100

MMA Heavy Bags

Heavy bags are a great way to practice your striking as well as work on your conditioning. Heavy bags offer resistance which can help simulate punching a real opponent. The average heavy bag weight is around 100lb and they have been used for many years for boxing and...Read More »

Shock Doctor Cup Review - MMA Training

Shock Doctor Cup

Shock Doctor is a pretty well known name when it comes to mouth and groin protection. They offer many different protection products at a great rate. Shock Doctor makes products suitable for almost every sport, and they offer a variety of items for various needs. They make a...Read More »

Top 5 MMA Bag Gloves for MMA Training

MMA Bag Gloves

I have been training a lot of different striking arts over the years from Kung Fu, to Karate, Kickboxing of many varieties and I have also done plenty of cardio kickboxing workouts as a fitness instructor. Versatile heavy bag gloves can help enhance your training and allow you...Read More »

Diamond MMA Cup Review

Diamond MMA Cup Review

If you train any sport you probably benefit from wearing a cup. Combat sports can be pretty unforgiving to your nuts. Sometimes I see guys in the gym that rarely wear a cup when they spar. Not only is that not safe, but please don’t grapple with...Read More »

Title Boxing MMA Gym Bag Review

This is a great gym bag for a great price. The TITLE Boxing MMA gym bag stood out to me because it offered a very durable bag for around $20. Most gym bags in that price range usually can’t hold a lot of gear for a long time. I have...Read More »

The Top 5 Best MMA Sparring Gloves

Sparring is a great way to work on many different fighting skills. You can put techniques in real time and see how they work when someone is trying to spar you at the same time. Many fighters like to break up different aspects of sparring to work on specific techniques....Read More »

The best Compression Shorts for MMA training

I feel a great piece of training gear every fighter needs is a good pair of MMA compression shorts. Most people wear one with a cup pocket for regular training and the can come in handy. Many athletes wear compression shorts and they can be seen featured in many sports....Read More »

The top 5 best MMA Rash Guard Shirts

A rash guard is a great thing to have handy for a number of reasons. I have heard all kinds of things from needing a rash guard to protect chest hair; to using it to “increase flexibility by compression.” Yeah there are plenty of reason one would need a rash...Read More »

SISU Mouth Guard Review

SISU Mouth Guard

*Updated* SISU NextGen Mouthguard Review.

I remember a Jiu Jitsu teacher of mine was in search of a mouth guard he could use while teaching that would allow him to talk better. He would always talk funny when he had a mouth piece in and would usually take...Read More »

The Best Headgear for MMA training

If you’re training any type of striking art you should have headgear, especially MMA. Wearing headgear will help you learn how to take shots to the face while keeping you safe. You reduce your chance of getting cut as well as getting knocked out. You also want to make sure...Read More »

Choosing the Best MMA Cup for MMA Training

When training Mixed Martial Arts or another combat sport it is very important to wear an MMA cup. There are many different types of cups for different preferences. If you are just getting into training you may just want to pick up a cheap cup to start, and as you...Read More »

Top 7 Best MMA Shin Guards for Striking and Grappling

Whether you’re into kickboxing, grappling, or mixed martial arts you should probably train with MMA shin guards. Many fighters will train in Muay Thai shin guards and some prefer grappling shin guards which stay in place a little better. There are many good brands and you don’t have to spend...Read More »

What is the Best Mouth Guard for MMA

One of the most important pieces of protective gear is your mouth guard, well maybe your cup, but also your mouth guard! Whether you train in Boxing, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ, or MMA you are going to need a mouth guard. An MMA mouth guard is going to to protect you...Read More »

The Best Pairs of Boxing Gloves under $50

Whether you are getting into boxing, joining a cardio kickboxing class, or you just want to get a new pair of boxing gloves you can do it for under $50. Many people will tell you if you want a good pair of gloves you have to spend more than one...Read More »

Best MMA Hand Wraps | Top 5 Best Wrist Wraps for MMA

When you are training any combat sport it is always important to consider safety. Wearing safety gear when training and competing is going to preserve your health so you can participate in the sport longer. What are the best MMA hand wraps and how do they help? Wrapping your wrists...Read More »

Where to Buy Cheap Custom MMA Fight Shorts

For many people who train and or fight would eventually like to get custom MMA shorts. You might have a sponsor or two and maybe even a logo you want to promote, but unless you have a clothing sponsor making your shorts — you are going to need custom MMA...Read More »

Buying Cheap Muay Thai Shin Guards for Kickboxing

One common problem for many people who train MMA, Kickboxing, or Thai Boxing is affording the gear you need to train. Boxing Gloves, Head Gear, Shin Pads, etc. the costs add up, and most people have to work hard so they can...Read More »

Guide to Buying Cheap Boxing Gloves Online

Anyone training Mixed-Martial Arts(MMA), Boxing, Kickboxing or any other combat sport is going to need the right gear to train safely. One of the most important pieces of equipment are boxing gloves. Not only do they protect your own hands and wrists, but they also help your training partners leave...Read More »

How Much Should You Spend on Cheap MMA Fight Shorts

Whether you are preparing for a fight, looking for new gear to train in, or you just want a cool pair of Mixed-Martial Arts Fight shorts — you can find many options online for cheap. But how much should you spend on cheap MMA fight shorts? There are many brands...Read More »

Everlast MMA Gloves Review - Cheap MMA Gear

For many people getting into Mixed-Martial Arts you realize there will be a lot of gear you need for training and competition. These Everlast MMA gloves are perfect for a beginner on a budget. They will last you a...Read More »

How to save money by buying cheap MMA gear

Mixed Martial Arts is an ever popular, ever growing sport. Many people including Dana White will tell you that MMA is on its way to becoming the world’s most popular sport. With the growth of the sport, we are seeing an increase in companies that make MMA gear. We want...Read More »

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