3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Grip for MMA

Training MMA can expose a lot of your weaknesses, whether you acknowledge them or not. One thing that is common is a weak grip which can affect grappling. If you strengthen your grip, you can grapple better and have more solid strikes. There are plenty of exercises that can work...Read More »

What Does "OSS" Mean? - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Term

If you’ve been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and you haven’t heard the term “OSS” then something might be wrong. It is a pretty popular word that can be used in a number of scenarios. For the most part “OSS” is used as a sign of respect. It is a common...Read More »

How much does it cost to be a UFC fan?

For many people the Ultimate Fighting Championship is the most pure form of sport and nothing else can really compare. Personally I wasn’t a fan of any sport until I came across the UFC, now I consider myself somewhat of an addict. When I learned of the UFC I had...Read More »

Punches in bunches of MMA heavyweight giants

MMA is one of the most demanding sports on the planet today. Unlike many other mainstream sports in MMA you need to have a mastery in multiple different sports; wrestling, boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai. In addition to sharpening these skills, there are a number of physical attributes that are generally...Read More »

Top 5 Best MMA Movies of All Time

Sometimes watching the best MMA movies can get you in the mood to train. Mixed Martial Arts is a sport that was created within the last few decades and is now a popular worldwide sport. MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a combinations of the most effective martial arts for...Read More »

Jamie Varner: His Future Is Looking Cool

Jamie Varner (21-11-1), former World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) lightweight champion and UFC lightweight competitor, is currently retired from mixed martial arts, though Varner lets it be known that retirement was out of necessity and not any lacking desire to compete. Due to Varner experiencing, as doctors discovered, over...Read More »

What Is the MMA Fans' Psyche?

Truth be known, I have fairly thick-skin; I can be the first one to lay out a joke at the expense of others, and I’ve been the butt of the joke on a number of occasions. I don’t easily find myself offended, though a recent episode of The...Read More »

Sam Alvey: He'll Leave You "Smile'N"

There are some mixed martial artists who put a smile on a fan’s face because they know this individual enters the cage to put on a show, aiming for the big KO; some fans take pleasure, letting a giant grin sweep across their mug, anticipating a particular fighter...Read More »

Putting the Pro In a Professional Fighter

Following the UFC’s recent stop in Fairfax, Virginia for UFC Fight Night 63, headlined by Chad “Money” Mendes (16-2-0) and Ricardo “The Bully” Lamas (15-3-0), controversy swirled around the two lightweights in the co-main event, “Raging” Al Iaquinta (11-3-1) and Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal (28-9-0). Not only were the judges’ scorecards...Read More »

Max Holloway: A Healthy Mindset

People want to be right, and people have opinions; sports are the ultimate contradiction of the two. Every sporting event imaginable comes with agreements and disagreements; replays or plays that are non-reviewable ; challengeable or not. No matter which side you find yourself, your emotional balance will either be sent...Read More »

Clay Guida: Lost In Translation

Have you ever let words out and immediately wish you could lasso them back into your mouth with your tongue? Been there. Done that. I feel like I’m not going out on a limb suggesting most people would agree to also relating to those awkward, uncomfortable moments. It’s...Read More »

You Missed the Weigh-Ins?

Weigh-ins, an event that takes place twenty-four hours prior to the scrap in the cage, is every bit as important as everything else leading up to the fight, maybe even more so than any pre-fight press conferences, media obligations, the open workout session, and numerous other examples. The weigh-ins are the...Read More »

Playing Matchmaker

An easily overlooked, yet vital, position within the fight game: the matchmaker. Match-ups that don’t fancy the taste of fight fans cause the matchmaker to become a scapegoat, but a match-up that wets a fight fan’s whistle produces intrigue, pay-per-view numbers, and emotional highs and lows, though the...Read More »

Wanted: MMA Social Media Assistant

Each day, our goal should be to learn something new. Big or small, doesn’t matter, simply attempt something that you didn’t attempt in previous days. Today, I opted to go big: I was diving in headfirst, which I’ve done before, though this time I was also mixing in...Read More »

Rich Franklin Is An "Ace" For Armor Gel


On a recent edition of Stand and Bang Radio, Rich Franklin appeared as a special guest to discuss ONE Championships and Armor Gel. Franklin’s energy and interest for both products gripped listeners’ interest and, seemingly, cajoled them to become consumers. Though Franklin piqued my interest...Read More »

Earning My Degree at MMA U

I have a master’s degree in Education, which is accompanied with a Whoopty-Doo Award. Earning a degree or credential simply requires the ability to check off a series of boxes, regurgitating back what the professor wants to hear. Professional Simon Says.

Any true learning experiences I...Read More »

When Will the UFC Top A PEZ Dispenser?

PEZ, short for Pfefferminz, which is the German word for peppermint, made their way to the United States in 1952, though didn’t begin to have heads, characters who represent the popular culture, until 1955. These collectable, plastic figurines portray iconic figureheads, such as Elvis Presley, U.S. Presidents, Star Wars, Spongebob,...Read More »

Diamond MMA Cup Check Challenge #DiamondCupCheck

Check out the latest challenge on the internet. The #DiamondCupCheck Challenge by Diamond MMA is a great way to put the best MMA cup on the market to the ultimate test. I have seen a few videos floating around of people...Read More »

How do you play DraftKings Fantasy UFC?

Do you love watching UFC fights and get excited when you favorite fighter wins? Betting a little money on the fight can make it even more interesting, especially if you know your favorite fighter will be the winner. Sometimes MMA betting can be a little confusing, especially if you are...Read More »

Want to become an MMA writer?

Do you want to become an MMA writer? Do you have unique opinions or point of views on the UFC and Combat Sports world? Well there is plenty of opportunity at Evolved MMA to get your content our there to the readers. We are currently looking for writers to cover...Read More »

What was your favorite part of TUF 20 episode 2?

While it may not be the most popular season of The Ultimate Fighter, this season is definitely worth a watch. All of the fighters are UFC fighters, and a champion will be awarded a belt at the end. This is gonna be awesome! Check out this from Joanne Calderwood vs...Read More »

PHOTO | Lyoto Machida's Father Yoshizo at age 18

In the photo you will see an 18 year old Yoshizo Machida, father of Lyoto. He is the Master of the Machida fighting system and taught Lyoto at a young age. Lyoto is known for is incredible striking skills and his amazing ability to have success with Karate in...Read More »

What Martial Arts Should You Practice For MMA

MMA is becoming one of the world’s largest sports which is adding even more diversity to the already unique sport. Mixed Martial Arts has a very unique blend of the most effective combat fighting styles used for competition sport. While MMA does follow a strict set of rules, it is...Read More »

How To Do A Spinning Back Fist In MMA

This is an instructional video for a Spinning Back Fist. This technique is found in MMA, Muay Thai, and Kickboxing. The Spinning Back Fist is flashy technique and has served as entertainment in many mixed martial arts fights. More fighters are utilizing this technique as something to add to their...Read More »

How To Wrap Your Hands For Boxing and MMA

When you are training any striking art, it is important to wrap your wrists before striking anything that is going to give a lot of resistance. You can severely injure yourself if you were to hit a heavy bag or an opponent at full force without wrapping your wrists first....Read More »

Guide to Buying Cheap Boxing Gloves Online

Anyone training Mixed-Martial Arts(MMA), Boxing, Kickboxing or any other combat sport is going to need the right gear to train safely. One of the most important pieces of equipment are boxing gloves. Not only do they protect your own hands and wrists, but they also help your training partners leave...Read More »

Stay Healthy: Tips and advice on a better lifestyle

It seems that wherever you go people talk about fitness, losing weight and staying young. But of course it’s all just talk because most of the things they read and talk about are easier said than done. Getting into a fitness training or diet program requires the right motivation and...Read More »

How Many Amateur MMA Fights Should I Have Before I Go Pro?



This is a question that is asked very often. We have found a compiled group of answers from many different sources including MMA Fighters, Trainers, Promoters, and More. If you are into MMA fighting, you should read this.
How many amateur MMA fights should I have before turning pro?

The...Read More »

Arianny Celeste 2014 Calender - Behind The Scenes Video

Here is a sneak preview of some of the images you may see in the new calender featuring Arianny Celeste. The UFC’s ring card girl is know for being incredibly hot and as you can imagine, she does not disappoint. Check out the video and pick up the calender when...Read More »

Ronda Rousey Is The New Maxim Cover Girl

Ronda Rousey will be the cover story of Maxim’s September issue. Having her very own bikini shoot included some excellent shots, the UFC Bantamweight Champ is no stranger to the magazine cover.

Here is an image from the shoot.

UFC 168 confirmed! Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II Rematch will be the main event on December 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The event will feature the co-main event, Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate II Rematch which will conclude the 18th Season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Read More »

Anderson Silva After UFC 162 Video Blog

Video blog by Anderson “The Spider” Silva after his loss to the new Middleweight Champion, Chris Weidman at UFC 162.

...Read More »

VIDEO | Is This Chris Weidman Calling Anderson Silva a "Piece of Shit"

If you’ve watched the most recent UFC Pay Per View, we don’t need to tell you that Chris Weidman knocked Anderson Silva the F$#k out. Many people have speculated that Silva may have ‘thrown’ the fight because he just doesn’t want to be the champion anymore. This of course makes...Read More »

Miesha Tate Poses Nude for Magazine | View Featured Pic

Like her upcoming opponent, Miesha Tate is posing nude for an upcoming issue of the ESPN Magazine called the “Body Issue.” Her previous and future opponent Ronda Rousey was on the cover of last years issue, and now Miesha will be the cover of this years magazine. Below you can...Read More »

Chris Weidman Defeats Anderson "The Spider" Silva in UFC 162 and Becomes the New Middleweight Champion of the World.

In the beginning of the fight the fighters do not touch gloves. Anderson Silva does some of his signature taunting of his opponent to which Chris Weidman responds with strikes. After a handful of silly gestures from Silva in the fight, Weidman takes Silva down and begins some viscous...Read More »

Jon Jones Replies to Anderson Silva's Thoughts on a Super Fight

Jon Jones replied to a statement made today by Anderson Silva in regards to the idea of a Super Fight between the Champions of both the Middleweight and the Light-Heavyweight divisions. The fighters have both made statements in regards to the idea of the Super Fight. This fight is...Read More »

UFC Referee Josh Rosenthal Busted With $6m of Marijuana Ready to Sell

Long time Mixed Martial Arts referee Josh Rosenthal, who has become a familiar face of the UFC was sentenced today (July 2, 2013) in U.S. District Court in Oakland, California.

Rosenthal will serve 37 months behind bars with no hope for parole.

Josh Rosenthal has played a ref in...Read More »

Mark Hunt's Hole in His Leg

Here is a video of the staph infection featuring the large hole in Mark Hunt’s leg. Also check here for a story on Mark Hunt hole in leg.

...Read More »

UFC Fighter Chael Sonnen Marries Brittany Smith

One of the toughest fighters ever, Chael Sonnen recently ties the knot with longtime girlfriend Brittany Smith. Sonnen has recently fought against both the Middleweight and Light-Heavyweight champions for a shot at their titles. Chael Sonnen is known for his mental toughness and his great wrestling skills. He was...Read More »

VIDEO | Free Fight Forrest Griffin vs. Stephen Bonnar 1

If you haven’t seen this fight, it is incredible. This is the season finale to the very first season of The Ultimate Fighter. The two Light-Heavyweight fighters face off to determine who will win the six figure UFC contract and who really is The Ultimate Fighter.

Ronda Rousey, world champ and coach on The Ultimate Fighter season 18 said that being a coach on the show has been emotionally taxing.

Rousey  was named the first female coach of the popular reality show and was originally supposed to coach opposite Cat Zingano.  Zingano earned the opportunity to...Read More »

Tim Kennedy Issues an Apology for Comments on UFC Pay

This is a direct expert from Tim Kennedy’s facebook page.

“I recently made comments regarding fighter pay. The intent of these statements was to highlight that professional fighters incur significant expense associated with their preparations to fight and that fighter compensation is still not on par with other major sports....Read More »

How Much Should You Spend on Cheap MMA Fight Shorts

Whether you are preparing for a fight, looking for new gear to train in, or you just want a cool pair of Mixed-Martial Arts Fight shorts — you can find many options online for cheap. But how much should you spend on cheap MMA fight shorts? There are many brands...Read More »

Dana White is Bringing the UFC to Bangor Maine

“I’m trying, and working with my team, to bring a UFC event to Bangor. The arena is new, it’s all redone. The [Hollywood] casino is there now, and I’m doing everything in my power to try to bring the UFC here. I think it would be really big for...Read More »

Randy Couture on Dana White and the UFC

You could say Randy Couture is a disgruntled ex-employee for the UFC. However he speaks, you may find that he is a biased towards his own life and agenda. Here are some things he said about Dana White and the UFC from his recent  interview with Sports Illustrated:

“Of course...Read More »

VIDEO | Inside the Mind of Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey breaks down her epic battle with Sarah Kaufman on FUEL TV’s “Fighter’s Cut”. Check out that slick armbar from “Rowdy”!


...Read More »

UFC 162 Pre-Fight Interview with Frankie Edgar

After competing in seven title fights in a row, previous UFC champion Frankie Edgar tells about what it’s like going from 5 round fights to 3 round fights.


...Read More »

Chuck Norris Talks About the UFC

Chuck Norris talking about the Gracie’s and the start of the UFC. He gave an early opinion of what he thought it was.


...Read More »

Chuck Norris on Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Chuck Norris talks about his time in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil training with the Gracies. Chuck was a black belt in Judo at the time and talks about his grappling training.

...Read More »

Bellator's War Machine Talks About the UFC and Fighter's Pay

There has recently been a lot of talk in the Mixed-Martial Arts world about professional fighter’s pay. The UFC and other promotions are becoming popular for under-paying their fights to the point where they claim to be making less than a garbage man while fighting in the biggest combat...Read More »

Silva vs. Weidman: Pros Pick Who Will Win

...Read More »

The UFC Hated Rampage Jackon's Guts After His KO Over Chuck Liddel

“Dana White really wanted me because I was the last guy Chuck (Liddell) wanted to get his revenge on. Everybody was really nice to me, I’m telling you when I beat up Marvin Eastman, everybody, people behind the scenes at the UFC they’re really like a big family. Chuck...Read More »

How to Start Training Like a Mixed-Martial Arts Fighter

So you’ve watched a couple UFC fights and you think you just might want to see if you have what it takes to fight like the pros. MMA Fighters are some of the most conditioned athletes that go through some of the most intense training. Fighters have to train for...Read More »

How to choose the right MMA Gym

So you’re interested in Mixed-Martial Arts eh? Even if you don’t intend on fighting, MMA training is one of the best workouts you can do. MMA fighters train harder than most athletes due to the extreme nature of the sport. MMA Fighters are known for their functional fitness workouts focusing...Read More »

How to save money by buying cheap MMA gear

Mixed Martial Arts is an ever popular, ever growing sport. Many people including Dana White will tell you that MMA is on its way to becoming the world’s most popular sport. With the growth of the sport, we are seeing an increase in companies that make MMA gear. We want...Read More »

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